The 21st Century is all about science, technology and about making life easier regarding all the aspects. In the past few decades, technology and health have joined forces. Biomedical engineering and Biotechnology all these health and technology related fields have contributed a lot to this generation. Now everybody loves a gadget and yes, there will always be those tech addicts who take it too far, “Head to the golf course without my swing powered, laser-guided, titanium, ‘Green Sweeper’ putter? It’s not the dark ages!”, but for every WTF there is a must have that really can improve your game. To give you the lowdown on the latest and best upcoming tech, we’ve found some must-own fitness gadgets.

Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic’s wealthy function set means you should utilize it whereas understanding wherever, even the pool – Fitbit

The Ionic is Fitbit’s strongest smartwatch but and health fanatics are certain to like its listing of options, and so it is positively acquired the potential to tackle the smartwatch market. Its means to trace no matter exercises you possibly can throw at it, with ease, all with an exquisite but comfy design that I am positive will get heads turning on the fitness center, however for all the appropriate causes. The proper smartwatch for these severe about health. Don’t worry if this particular model is out of your price range

Fitness Genes

Now this is both a gadget and an experience that could change your lifestyle forever. After picking your workout goals, Fitness Genes will send you a special DNA test kit and once you’ve provided a saliva sample, it’s back to the lab for testing. Then, their team will analyse your biological data and report back with some personalised training advice and even genetically tailored diet plans. It’s your scientific fast-track to full fitness. Just don’t be upset if it tells you to lay off the pies.




Improving your fitness in time for a new season or a post-season tour can be made so much easier by Slendertone. These high-tech belts use electrical signals that copy the impulses usually produced by the brain to cause your muscles to contact and expand, targeting those hard-to-exercise parts of your abdomen and helping you to get the most out of a workout.

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